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Diversity Certifications: WBENC & MBE

As a certified WBENC and MBE insurance brokerage, HCP National Insurance Services, Inc. is proud to be one of the few national commercial insurance brokerages that is owned and managed by a minority woman.

Since 1994, HCP National has helped nonprofits, private and public companies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and government organizations define and minimize their risks by implementing the right insurance products at an affordable price.

HCP’s Capability

Founded in 1994, HCP National Insurance Services Inc. (HCP) is an independent, privately held commercial insurance brokerage, serving clients nationwide. HCP is one of the largest brokerages in the country that is led and owned by a certified minority (MBE) woman (WBENC): Andrea “Cris” Dyer.

Since 1994, HCP has placed over $1 billion in insurance premiums. HCP currently covers over 1 million lives and members on self-insured medical plans to risk-bearing entities with stop loss and reinsurance. HCP’s additional expertise is in all forms of employee benefits and property and casualty insurance.
Andrea “Cris” Dyer

CEO of HCP National

Why Choose HCP National?

HCP has never had an eligible client claim denied; industry standard is 1-3%.

If given a level playing field, HCP prevails in over 80% of projects competed on against the largest brokers in the country.

To eliminate gaps in coverage and the Employer’s Plan Document, HCP pays for a legal review of recommended coverage for all stop loss clients.

HCP uses an actuary to determine the appropriate stop loss deductible.

HCP’s brokers and founder have worked at HCP for an average of 20 years..

HCP provides a written analysis of all insurance policies to confirm coverage adequacy.

HCP provides benchmark reports for cyber insurance to recommend limits based on peers.

HCP can create insurance coverage when none is available or adequate.

Diversity in Insurance

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