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Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage for Healthcare Professionals

HCP National is a medical malpractice insurance broker specializing in offering medical professional liability insurance for all risk levels.

As “the healthcare industry’s insurance broker” since 1994, HCP National will help you find the right medical malpractice coverage for the best possible price.

We’re the largest independent certified (MBE & WBENC) minority-woman-owned insurance brokerage in the USA, proudly serving healthcare professionals in CaliforniaColorado, Pennsylvania, New York, and across the country.

Comprehensive & Full Service Malpractice Insurance

At HCP National, we have access to all the major Standard and Non-Standard insurance markets to cover your medical specialties – even those that fall into high-risk categories.

If you, as a physician or a medical group, have a history of malpractice claims, HCP National still has access to the most affordable malpractice insurance companies available in the marketplace, saving you the most money on your medical malpractice insurance.

Types of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Whether you need a claims-made or occurrence medical malpractice policy, HCP National can help.

Claims-Made Medical Malpractice Policies

A claims-made policy covers any claims brought during the claims-made policy period. There are two events for claims made medical malpractice coverage to apply. The incident must have occurred during the policy year and it must be reported during the policy year. 

The average time to report a medical malpractice claim is approximately one to two years, and a tail insurance policy is required, or a reporting endorsement is to be purchased to provide coverage for claims which have occurred but are not yet reported if the insured is non-renewed or decides to change carriers.

Occurrence Medical Malpractice Policies

An occurrence malpractice insurance policy covers any claims that occur during any policy year. Occurrence coverage only applies when an incident occurs during the policy year.

Individual Medical Liability Insurance

There are many misconceptions about medical malpractice that many physicians and medical professionals believe to be true. Most malpractice insurance is claims-made. With a claims-made policy, you have a retroactive date, which means that your coverage goes back to that date (as long as your policy is current).

If you decide to move your coverage to another insurer, as long as they maintain your retro date, you will not have to buy tail insurance. It becomes like moving any other insurance, such as auto or home. If you are in the Standard Malpractice market, moving from one insurer to another often results in equivalent coverage. If you are in the Non-Standard market, you will want a comparison of your current coverage to make sure there are not any significant changes in coverage.

If you have an occurrence policy, then the process is even easier. You can move your occurrence policy from one insurer to another and all claims that occurred during the prior policy are covered. Also, with the new policy you will be covered from the effective date forward. There is little downside to moving your medical malpractice insurance.

Group Medical Liability Coverage

At HCP National, we work with many medical groups, including one of the largest foundations in the country. We have saved them significant money.

Purchasing medical malpractice insurance as a group, versus individually, is one of the most competitive ways to buy coverage. If you meet the size requirements to be considered a group you can receive a 40-60% discount over what a solo physician would pay for the same coverage.

There are two components of medical malpractice insurance for a group:

The entity coverage limit protects the group or foundation from vicarious liability and the doctor’s limit covers them personally for their actions and liability.

Example of Group Medical Malpractice Coverage

Dr. Sanchez is sued and his employer, XYZ Foundation, is also named in the same suit. The patient is suing the entity since Dr. Sanchez is employed by them, so they are being held accountable for Dr. Sanchez’s actions too. Therefore, the entity coverage will respond and defend XYZ foundation. The limits for the entity can be $1 million – $3 million for a smaller group and $1 million – $10 million for a larger one.

Further, the entity coverage limit can be shared with allied professionals, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants; this is a very economical way to cover them. When the group has several NP/PAs covered, the coverage should be a $1 million – $10 million limit, in case there are multiple separate claims involving PAs/NPs.

Why Hire HCP National as Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker?

Here are some of the advantages of having HCP’s healthcare industry insurance experts on your side:

“The healthcare industry’s insurance brokerage,” since 1994.

Whether you practice family medicine, if you are an obstetrician, gynecologist, or a cosmetic surgeon, HCP National has you covered. Our number one priority is to help you find the best coverage and terms, at the lowest possible cost. 

We have placed tens of millions of dollars in medical liability premiums, so we have the expertise to help you implement the right insurance products for your unique risks and exposures, while identifying areas of savings.

A certified WBENC & MBE insurance brokerage.

HCP National is the largest independent certified (MBE & WBENC) minority-woman-owned insurance brokerage in the nation. Working with HCP helps support diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry. In addition, if you are a medical professional contracting for the government (such as at a correctional facility), with HCP as your broker, you may be able to receive minority “set-asides” credits on your insurance.

Malpractice coverage for all medical specialties.

We are experts in placing medical malpractice insurance for all specialties and sub-specialties – even high-risk specialties.

Interestingly, insurance companies price some specialties and sub-specialties quite differently, and will categorize these specialties differently. This can make a big difference in the pricing. One insurer can have the best price for an Orthopedic Surgeon and the least competitive for a General Surgeon. We are aware of these nuances, and will find the best deal for your situation.

Our customer service is unparalleled.

Great customer service is our business; we go above and beyond to find our clients great coverage at prices they can afford. That’s HCP frequently receives testimonials like this: “We are a small practice working in long-term care . . . Our representative ran circles around other account managers we had spoken with and found coverage at a competitive price, all within our limited timeframe . . . We give HCP National an enthusiastic 5 stars.”

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Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been practicing for years, the best way to find out how much you can save is to contact HCP National and work with one of our malpractice experts.

We have access to the most competitive malpractice insurers in the marketplace and decades of experience. 

Since 1994, our #1 priority is helping medical professions find the best coverage and terms, at the lowest possible cost. Get your quote now!

HCP Testimonials

What Clients Say

We are a small practice working in long-term care. When our previous insurance carrier decided late in the game to no longer cover long-term care providers, we began a search for new coverage and thankfully HCP. Our representative ran circles around other account managers we had spoken with and found coverage at a competitive price, all within our limited timeframe. HCP’s team members are the sort of people you look forward to working with; we give HCP an enthusiastic 5-star rating.

Pam F.

HCP National is a proven and trusted ally of Aggie Pediatrics, LLC. Our personal Account Manager is quick to respond to any questions and always willing to take the time to listen. I recommend HCP National to any healthcare provider searching for an affordable program suited to your needs, big or small.

Abe H.

We work with lots of vendors, and you’re one of the few that makes our life easy. Thank you.

Zelda B.

You delivered everything you promised and a lot more. Your company is amazing. Wish all our suppliers were like you.

Buck O.

The HCP National team has been incredibly easy to work with. Even before becoming a client, they took the time to answer all of my questions and have repeatedly gone above and beyond to meet the ever-changing needs of our company.

Samuel P.

I have been insured by HCP for many years. I can say this is by far the best experience I have ever had with any of my malpractice insurances in the past. The reasons why: their availability 7 days a week; the best price on the market guaranteed; the least paperwork ever (the company does it all for you); direct contact with your insurance carrier and solving your problems right away; no any delay in re-application. Everyone is very professional, knows very well what they are doing, and you feel that you are always in good hands.

Alexander K.

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Since 1994 – HCP’s top priority is finding clients the best possible coverage and terms at the lowest possible cost. HCP is a certified diverse (MBE & WBENC) insurance brokerage.