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CASE STUDY: National Nonprofit Organization Health Benefits

A national nonprofit organization supports diversity and inclusion (D&I), while cutting insurance costs.


A national nonprofit organization faced a 16% health insurance rate increase and had concerns about the adequacy of their Liability coverage. Committed to promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I), the nonprofit also sought to work with an insurance broker that was certified by Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise Council (WBENC).

The Solution

Through a Google search, the nonprofit discovered HCP National, one of the few national insurance brokerages that is owned and led by a biracial woman.

HCP National reviewed the nonprofit’s upcoming health insurance renewal quote. After surveying the market, HCP National discovered that the risk had not been shopped.

HCP National is an independent, client-focused broker. HCP National approached all available benefit insurers, and also reviewed the client’s other insurance policies.


The results HCP National achieved for the nonprofit were significant:


With HCP National’s expertise and access to a wide range of insurance solutions, HCP can help ensure that your coverage is affordable and protects your enterprise – while aligning with your values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Founded in 1994, HCP National Insurance Services, Inc. is a certified MBE & WBENC insurance brokerage.

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